getting to a happy place with dj yin

DJ Yin talks us through her beginnings, the experiences that shaped 'Life of Fatima', Ghana being a 

spiritual place and overcoming depression.

Her ability to draw you in with her story telling based on her real life experiences on love and letting go, makes her music truthful, relatable and empowering. She never fails to preach about mental awareness, as she explains "I went through it and there are still people in the dark. For you to actually come out of depression you have to be aware." ​

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An interview with Joeboy on meteoric rise, his smash hit debut single 'Baby' and his journey in music so far.

“Mandy & The Jungle” is an album of the year contender.  We look at how far Santi has come and how he’s been showing us signs of greatness ever since the rebirth of Ozzy B as Santi.

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d-truce is the rising rapper and
master story teller that keeps it real
with relatable stories


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