Deena Ade explains the inspiration behind her magical sounds on her latest EP May Love Find You.  

This is a guest editorial written by Deena Ade annotating her EP, May Love Find You.

June 19, 2019

Deena Adey - May Love Find You EP

I had been recording a lot of songs while I was in a relationship and they were all so soft or sensual. So after the break up, I found myself in a whirlwind of emotions.


I really wanted to document what I was feeling, from the maybe we should get back together, talking to other people, maintaining a relationship with my ex. It was a very unique experience for me as I had never had a break up so amicable, full of love and peace!

The EP means growth! I feel like people were ready to box me in, like I was some kind of kinky artist, which is so far from the reality. I certainly showed that on the EP. 


In my past projects I wanted to flex my muscles on different genres, however with this one I left my spirit to do as she pleased.  If all we got from the recording sessions were R&B-type songs, then that is what my audience got. I feel like that is a huge sign of maturity for me.

On the cover, I wanted to communicate the feel of vulnerability and nakedness and on the songs I was baring my heart. The focus of the EP is placed on the feeling in synonymy with the artwork. 

"I Want You To Change Your Mind"

My ex and I would post on our instagram pretending everything was okay, but we were seeking each other's attention. At the time I just felt if we still want to be together 'why don’t you change your mind'. Hence I Want You To Change Your Mind. 

"Ma Ti Lo"

Ma ti lo is a classic Deena song - feel good with your partner. It loosely relates to me and Mr X. We went from spending weeks together to just a few hours. Naturally when you are into someone you never really want them to leave, you always want more.

"Midnight Drive"

I wanted the person listening to feel my desire to travel as far as I have to go to be with a loved one, which in my case was Magodo. Regardless of the time of day. We are often willing to go as far as we can to be with someone that we care about whether it be romantically or platonically. 


Post break up, Mr X and myself were in a weird place. He was jealous. He didn’t want me to move on. The one time I attempted to, he became childlike. However, once I gave him the security he needed he would use to me to do guy man. I guess when I recorded this. I wanted him to know he was dealing with Madam Suya, and if he tried me again I would leave for good. 


Gbadun is a song about enjoying the moment regardless of whatever the situation may be. Let’s not get caught up in what was or what can be, you’re constantly on my mind, and I really just need you. So for old times' sake, be here with me. 


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